Tally Genie proved instrumental in providing a flawless tabulation experience for our judges and the Miss Universe Barbados pageant.
Brian Green
National Director - Miss Universe Barbados

Life saver

Tally Genie has been a life saver.  International Junior Miss has experienced growth faster than we expected, and Tally Genie was just in time. Gone are the days of auditors spending hours upon hours transcribing and entering scores. Our judges enter scores right into their iPads and in less than a minute later, we have results. 
Nikki Clark
International Junior Miss and Teen Miss America

Quick, easy to use, and cost-efficient

As founding members of today’s pageant and glamour lifestyle industry in 1962, we’ve seen everything during crowning moments. From mislabeled cue cards, reading the incorrect finalist names, announcing the finalists in the wrong order, the list goes on. After seeing Tally Genie perform in person, I was impressed with not only the ease of tabulation, but with the speed and accuracy as well. Tally Genie is quick, easy to use, and extremely cost-efficient for today’s directors and producers.
Carl Dunn
Pageantry Magazine


Tally Genie took what was once a cumbersome and problematic process and made it easy, accurate, and completely stress free. Our old process was not only tedious, but also left a lot of room for human error. It not only made the results perfectly accurate, but also so much more efficient - saving us almost 30 minutes of what was historically awkward downtime. The fact that I was able to see the results very quickly after the last model left the stage was amazing.
Courtney Karlin
Co-Director IIDA SoCal Haute Couture Fashion Show


It would have been AWESOME if Tally Genie was around when I directed pageants. Had it been, pageant directors would not chance experiencing the gaffes that often occur with pageant tabulation. Such stories -- experienced by many pageant systems today not using Tally Genie -- can be found in my Producing Beauty Pageants series.
Anna Stanley, author of multiple books, including
Producing Beauty Pageants: A Director's Guide


The systems we used prior to Tally Genie were cumbersome, inefficient, and often worrisome with embarrassing delays. We found Tally Genie quite simple to use and "judge & staff friendly". We couldn't be happier. We will continue to use Tally Genie in handling all our tabulation needs going forward.  

I strongly recommend you consider using Tally Genie. Their cost effective fee, excellent standard of professionalism and flawless results will not be matched by any other provider that we have come across in the industry.
Jim Gibson
CEO / Executive Producer
Las Vegas International Model Search

The sliced bread of pageantry

Tally Genie is the sliced bread of pageantry. Not only is it easy for our judges to use, it also provides real-time calculations of all pageant scores that are guaranteed for accuracy, enabling us to have instant results for the convenience of our delegates and the audience. We are using Tally Genie in all of our state pageants, as well as our national pageant finals, and I don't have to worry at all about the scoring and tabulating process anymore. The convenience, accuracy, and simplicity of Tally Genie is a must for any pageant director.
Jackie B. Watson
National Director - USA National Miss

Fast and accurate results

I love Tally Genie! It's customized specifically for our pageant scoring system and judges love using it! As a National Director, I completely trust its fast and accurate results. Everyone should choose this wonderful technology to enhance their pageants. I will never use paper balloting again!
Pat Miller
Pure International Pageants

Radical improvement

Tally Genie has radically changed how we run our pageants. Many activities that used to be tedious with outdated spreadsheets are now just a click of a button. One of the most time saving and remarkable features is "judges comments." Instead of spending an inordinate amount of time interpreting handwriting and typing comments, our judges can now type their comments in real time. It's as easy as a few mouse clicks to organize the comments afterwards and send them off to the contestants. What used to take weeks now takes minutes! We will never do another pageant without Tally Genie!!
Susan West
StarJewel Showcase
American Royal Beauties


I cannot tell you enough about how thankful I am for Tally Genie. It is foolproof, super quick, and made myself and my head judge less stressed. I won't ever use anything else for the Mrs. US Universal pageant. Again, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and progressive way of tabulating. Thank you!
Victoria Hughes
Executive Director - Mrs US Universal

Dream come true

Tally Genie has been one of the greatest investments that I could have made for my national pageant system. Long gone are the days of manual tabulation and spreadsheets. It has freed up so much time for my staff and I to really be able to enjoy the time with our contestants and their families without the stress of tabulation woes, not to mention that the Tally Genie staff is incredibly helpful and always there if you have a question. It truly is a pageant director's dream! 
Stephanie Warren
America's Natural Supreme Beauties

Get Tally Genie

Tally Genie is easy to use. The professional help in setting up our pageant was great; and the time, effort and money it saved was amazing! I would recommend Tally Genie to anyone involved in the pageant industry! If you're still using auditors, you're behind the times... get Tally Genie!!
Troy Fienhold-Haasis
Miss Nationwide Pageants
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